Philadelphia Eagles v Cleveland Browns
Jason Miller / Getty Images

It turns out NFL players sometimes have trouble parking for games too. Philadelphia Eagles punt returner Britain Covey had to park amongst fans before making his way to Lincoln Financial Field for the Eagles' Monday night matchup against the Minnesota Vikings.

According to ESPN, Covey was denied access to the players lot for two reasons: He wasn't elevated from the practice squad to the active roster in time and didn't have the right parking pass, and also, security personnel did not recognize him!

"I said, 'I've been elevated to the active roster. I'm a return guy,'" Covey told ESPN. "They kind of looked at me skeptically, and after a little bit they were like, 'Look, man. We're sorry. You just don't have the pass.' I didn't want to make a scene so I just said, 'OK, just point me to where everybody else parks.' And so they pointed me to where everybody else parks."

Covey then parked in a fan lot, where his parking pass was accepted. However, the lot was a quarter-mile away from the stadium, and Covey had to ask fans for directions. Interestingly enough, some fans actually recognized him. 

"A few of them were looking at me like, 'I feel like that guy is...' and finally I said, 'Are we ready for the game?' And they said, 'Yeah, are you?'" 

The Utah product is listed at 5-foot-8, 173 pounds on the Eagles official roster, so he wasn't exactly standing out in the crowd while fans made their way to the prime-time matchup. Once Covey made it to the stadium, he returned three punts for 14 yards in the 24-7 victory over Minnesota.