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On Thursday night, Eagles offensive lineman Evan Mathis tweeted out this photo of a $64,000 dinner bill:

By Friday morning, Mathis kindly let everyone in on the joke:

That's right, there was no $64,000 dinner bill, no $55,000 for booze or $4 for iced tea. (Fun fact: the first letters of each item on the receipt spell "ROCK-PAPER-SCISSORS-ROSHAMBO." See below.)

ROCK-PAPER-SCISSORS-ROSHAMBO. Click to enlarge. (@EvanMathis69)

Teammate Jason Kelce even confirmed the prank to WIP radio Friday morning.

“This was a complete hoax [laughing] that was designed by Evan Mathis to mislead the media across the nation,” Kelce said. “Apparently, it did its job. He spent all day making sure the prices were right, making sure everything looked good.”

Everybody's laughing except the Eagles rookies, who were still on the hook for the very real $17,000 dinner bill second-year player Lane Johnson tweeted out earlier this month.

Kelce addressed that too.

“Twitter is going to be something that people are going to interpret however they want,” Kelce said. “You tweet out a bill of $17,000, people don’t know whether you’re bragging. What are you trying to accomplish by posting that on the internet? Seventeen thousand dollars is half of somebody’s yearly salary, maybe some peoples full -- it’s never a good thing to put out on the internet.”

Fair point. And well played, Evan. Well played.