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George Kittle has found himself in the crosshairs of the league office, as the NFL has fined the 49ers tight end $13,659 for the T-shirt he wore under his uniform and later revealed during San Francisco's win over the Dallas Cowboys Sunday night, according to ESPN. The shirt contained a profane message in reference to the Cowboys, which is why he received punishment from the league.

Kittle, who scored three touchdowns in the 42-10 win, revealed his shirt that read "F*** Dallas" after running back Jordan Mason scampered into the end zone for a 26-yard touchdown in the fourth quarter. 

The tight end said he expected a fine, but when asked about it on Thursday added "one hundred percent" he would "do it again," via ESPN.

"Probably to get a fine," Kittle said. "I wore a personalized T-shirt, maybe an inappropriate word. So it is what it is. It was a decision I made. If they want to fine me, they fine me."

Head coach Kyle Shanahan brushed off the shirt, saying, "[It's] just Kittle, WWE stuff, entertainment. Not really much, just smiled at it."

The veteran tight end told "The Pat McAfee Show" on Monday that he "might have been mildly inspired" by former 49ers linebacker Gary Plummer, who donned a similar shirt during the 1994 NFC Championship against the Cowboys. 

"It's just there's some things that need to be worn for the franchise, and I think it's just coincidence that it just happened to appear on my chest on 'Sunday Night Football,'" he said.

Kittle said this is the type of thing he has wanted to do for a while and finally went for it.

"I don't make things up," Kittle said. "We stand on the shoulders of the 49ers before us. It's something I've seen my whole career, and finally, I just wanted to channel it."

As you might expect, Kittle's wardrobe did cause a bit of a stir with the Cowboys, particularly star pass rusher Micah Parson.

"I just feel like he's making it way more personal than it had to be," Parsons said on his podcast. "Kittle's my guy, but I'm gonna say this: Laugh now, cry later. We got something for that, just trust. If we see them again, just trust. … If you wanna make it personal, we can make it personal."

The 49ers and Cowboys are one of the NFL's better rivalries throughout the last few decades and things have heated up in recent years. These two clubs have met in the playoffs in each of the previous two seasons and each time San Francisco has sent Dallas packing. While the Niners displayed their dominance once again on Sunday, there is a possibility they could meet again in the postseason given their expectations going forward. If that does come to fruition, it'll be interesting to see if Kittle breaks up that shirt once again and if there is any sort of response on the part of the Cowboys.