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There are very few, if any, NFL quarterbacks playing better right now than the CowboysDak Prescott

Since Week 6, Prescott is 177 of 251 (70.5%) for 2,173 yards (8.7 YPA), 21 touchdowns, and 2 interceptions. He leads the NFL in passer rating, QBR, and EPA/play by a mile during that stretch, and he has shredded man and zone coverages alike. On the season as a whole, Prescott leads the league in touchdown passes, has the NFL's highest big-time throw rate and lowest turnover-worthy play rate at Pro Football Focus, and is second behind only Brock Purdy in passer rating, QBR, and EPA/play.

Pretty much everyone in and around the league has taken notice (Dak led the first version of our MVP Watch by a pretty decent margin this week), but one person who has a unique perspective on his play is Cowboys defensive backs coach Al Harris. One of the best ball-hawks of his era, Harris was a longtime Packers cornerback, which meant he was teammates with both Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers for several years. 

During an appearance on The Adam Schefter Podcast, Harris was asked if Prescott's current level of play reminds him of either of his former teammates. 

"Both. He's doing a phenomenal job," Harris said. "So, both of those guys -- Dak, you see a little bit of Favre as far as the older brother out there with the guys. And then you see elements of A-Rod as far as making the check, even something like the mannerisms I look at. Making the check and going to it. That is off the charts right now. So, I see a little bit of both of those in him."

As for the biggest thing that has changed with Prescott this year compared with previous seasons, "Comfortable," Harris said. "You can tell he's comfortable. Before he was playing quarterback. Right now he's playing football, just all in all. He's doing an excellent job just seeing everything. Seeing from the guys' splits, I watch him make checks, just looking at the quarterback play -- he's doing everything that he needs to do."

Prescott looked anything but comfortable early in the season as the Cowboys tried to shoe-horn him into a conservative, static, short-passing attack. But since getting blown out by the 49ers in Week 5, Dallas has opened things up and put more on Dak's plate than ever, and he has responded with the best stretch of his career. We'll see how he can carry this over down the stretch in a tougher slate of matchups, but it's hard to argue that anyone is playing at a higher level than Prescott at the moment.