Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is not interested in answering questions about coach Jason Garrett's 2020 contract. 

In an interview at training camp on Friday, a reporter asked, "What do you need to see from Jason to bring him back in 2020?" But Jones answered with a rather convincing, "What did you say? I really didn't hear you." 

10/10 acting from the Cowboys owner. 

The reporter asks again, a bit louder, but this time Jones smiles as he says a less convincing, "I really didn't hear you," putting his hand up to his ear. The media takes the hint and laughs off the comments. 

Jones said he blames the noise in the background for his "lack of hearing" and moves on saying, "next question."

In 2015 Garrett signed a five-year extension with the Cowboys worth $30 million. The details of his next contract, if he is granted one, are clearly not something Jones cares to discuss heading into the season. 

Last season the Cowboys went 10-6 and lost to the Los Angeles Rams in the divisional round of the playoffs. Jones, who has created "Jerry World" in the spectacle that is AT&T Stadium, has been itching to make it further, but Garrett and his team have yet to make it past the NFC divisional round.

Garrett has been the Cowboys' coach since 2011, after starting with the team as the offensive coordinator in 2007 and taking over as interim coach for Wade Phillips in 2010. As a head coach he has a 77–59 regular season record and 2-3 playoff record.