Glover Quin has decided his life is better without spending large chunks of it staring at his phone. On the surface, that would seem obvious. Walk down any street in America and you'll see otherwise -- unless you happen to pass Quin.

"Just disconnected," the Lions safety said, via's Michael Rothstein. "And focused more on football and family. Social media takes a lot of time."

Now, with all this free time, Quin has been reading books on leadership and family and basically "finding ways to be a better human, all types of stuff."

But he's taken a step beyond no social media; Quin also doesn't watch the news, which means he's not up to date on current events, a reality that doesn't seem to bother him.

"A lot of stuff that I probably would see and probably would run up on on social media I don't anymore so I don't have all types of crazy things," Quin said. "If I don't freaking hear it in the locker room, half the time I don't know what's going on because I don't watch the news. They were talking about all types of stuff and I'm like, 'Oh wow, when did this happen. Wow, this happened.'

"Just kind of out of touch but I get to focus more on [other things]."

And while Quin concedes that he occasionally misses his social-media fix, especially because as a professional football player he has a platform many others don't, he ultimately knows he's better without it. And he thinks you would be too.

"Just get off of it," Quin said. "Delete it. That's all you got to do."