As we march into the month of February, 30 of the 32 NFL teams have now begun to turn their attention to the offseason. Clubs will look to get their books in order so they can effectively attack free agency, and offer extensions to the players they view as cornerstones for their respective franchises. Part of this process includes the league announcing what the salary cap figure will be in 2023.

On Monday, the NFL informed its clubs that the 2023 salary cap number will be $224.8 million, per CBS Sports NFL Insider Jonathan Jones. That number is up from $208.2M in 2022, $182.5M in 2021 with the COVID adjustment, $198.2M in 2020 and $188.2M in 2019, per NFL Media.

Per Jones, teams believe there will be another large spike in the number next offseason as well. This March, the NFL will provide further information regarding projected costs and player benefits.

With this new number, the Chicago Bears are projected to have the most available cap space entering the offseason at just south of $92M, per Over The Cap. Several teams have work to do to get back under the cap before the start of the new league year, such as the New Orleans Saints and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who are both projected to be at least $55M over the number.