If you scan down to the bottom of the Power Rankings, you will see the usual suspects after two weeks.

There are the Cleveland Browns and the New Orleans Saints and the Buffalo Bills and Chicago Bears. But there are few surprises as well.

The Washington Redskins won the NFC East last year, were picked by many to do the same this season, and yet they are 0-2 and have lost two home games. If they lose against the New York Giants on the road this week, kiss the division title goodbye.

Then there's the Indianapolis Colts. With Andrew Luck back healthy, they were considered a real threat to win the AFC South. They're now 0-2, have all kinds of injury issues and haven't come close to looking like a playoff team.

The Jacksonville Jaguars and Miami Dolphins, two teams some expected to improve in 2016, are also down near the bottom after two weeks.

It's not the way you want to start a season, especially with history kicking 0-2 teams in the face. Of the 116 teams that opened 0-2 since the league expanded to 32 teams in 2002, only 12 have made the playoffs. For the Redskins, it's even worse since they lost both their games at home.

And now comes word that there is bickering going on inside the locker room with some offensive players not happy with quarterback Kirk Cousins. Are the Redskins going to spend the season at the bottom of the Power Rankings? It sure looks that way.

If they do, Cousins may be saying bye-bye to any chance of a long-term deal.

Biggest Movers
13 Eagles
12 Jaguars
1 Patriots They are 2-0 without Tom Brady, but now must face the Texans with third-team quarterback Jacoby Brissett. That won't be easy. -- 4-13-0
2 Broncos That defense is special. They got after Andrew Luck and now face a Bengals team that can throw it around. 3 8-9-0
3 Steelers The good news so far has been the improved play of the defense. It's not great, but with that offense it doesn't need to be. 3 10-7-0
4 Panthers What we saw against the 49ers is what we expect to see from this team. They will be explosive on offense. 3 2-15-0
5 Giants At 2-0, their defense is carrying them to the fast start. It's really an improved unit. 3 6-11-0
6 Texans They won both home games, but now comes the real test, on the road against the Patriots. We will know a lot more about them by Friday morning. 7 10-7-0
7 Vikings Without Adrian Peterson, things will be a lot tougher. But trading to get Sam Bradford was the right move. 4 7-10-0
8 Packers What's wrong with the offense? It doesn't have the same feel, even with Aaron Rodgers. 6 9-8-0
9 Cardinals They bounced back from their first loss with an impressive blowout of the Bucs. They now face a long road trip to Buffalo, but the Bills are reeling. -- 4-13-0
10 Bengals At 1-1, they finally get to play a home game this week. But it won't be easy. The Super Bowl champion Broncos come to town. How do they block Von Miller? 7 9-8-0
11 Seahawks The offense has one touchdown in two games. One. The line isn't very good, but they need more from everybody. 7 9-8-0
12 Eagles The rookie quarterback looks poised, but the thing that has impressed me has been the defense. It looks fast and aggressive. Now comes a real test against the Steelers. 13 11-6-0
13 Ravens They are 2-0, but they beat a bad Bills team at home and the Browns on the road. That's not exactly hard to do. 2 13-4-0
14 Cowboys Dak Prescott is doing a heck of a job for Tony Romo. The best thing is that he's not turning it over. -- 12-5-0
15 Chiefs They could easily be 0-2 right now. Don't they have the look of a .500 team? 5 11-6-0
16 Raiders That loss to the Falcons was a bad one in their home opener. Their defense has been horrible. 4 8-9-0
17 Jets They are off to a nice start with a big physical defense and a nice passing game. They might be better than I expected. 4 7-10-0
18 Chargers Philip Rivers was on fire against the Jaguars. He will have to carry them again this season with not a lot of help. 6 5-12-0
19 49ers That was a bit of reality in Carolina. But they did make it interesting in the fourth. 3 12-5-0
20 Buccaneers They looked like a team playing a second straight road game against the Cardinals. That will happen to young teams. 3 9-8-0
21 Falcons road victory for Dan Quinn. 8 7-10-0
22 Rams They haven't scored a touchdown in two games. But they are 1-1. The offense isn't very good. 9 10-7-0
23 Titans At 1-1, they need to give up the idea of being a power team and let Marcus Mariota do his thing. 7 6-11-0
24 Lions They should be 2-0, but blew it against the Titans late. Are they any good? Do we know? 8 12-5-0
25 Bears They were awful Monday night against the Eagles, and they suffered a bunch of big injury hits. It's going to be a long season. 3 7-10-0
26 Colts They have issues up front on offense and in a lot of places on defense. That's not good for the long run. 8 9-8-0
27 Commanders If there is really bickering going on among offensive players because of Kirk Cousins, this team is doomed. 8 4-13-0
28 Dolphins They had a tough two-game stretch to open the season, which is why they are 0-2. Now they get a break and get the Browns at home. 8 11-6-0
29 Jaguars At 0-2, the heat is on the coaching staff. It's a must-win game against the Ravens this week. 12 9-8-0
30 Saints The defense played well against the Giants, but the offense and special teams didn't. They are in a big hole at 0-2. 4 9-8-0
31 Bills Firing offensive coordinator Greg Roman won't fix things. They have major issues. 4 11-6-0
32 Browns They competed against the Ravens, but blew a 20-point lead. That's because their defense isn't good enough, no matter who plays quarterback. -- 11-6-0