Aldon Smith is currently serving a year-long suspension handed down last November for violating the NFL's substance-abuse policy. And now the Raiders' pass rusher could face more sanctions if the NFL finds that Smith violated protocols for suspended players in the wake of a video making its way around the internet. posted a video that shows an unidentified man and woman discussing a hand-rolled cigarette. The video is from a Periscope account belonging to "ravenga." notes that "Smith is clearly shown on camera in most of the videos, where he generally talks about current events or what he's doing at the moment." adds: "Among the 31 video segments archived and publicly available is an installment entitled 'Fire up session,' where Smith never appears on camera but his voice [is] unmistakable when compared to other videos where he talks directly to the camera..."

At one point in the video, the unidentified male says, "I don't give a ----. Ain't nobody ------- with us. We've got zero followers. Where is the ashtray at? This is what you call a fire up session."

The woman's response: "... you shouldn't even be posting that."

The conversation continues:

Male: ... [D]o you see my face?

Female: No, but what if...

Male: They don't have my name. This is just a fire up session.

Female: So, if you just put it on's just doing it? It's live? That's hella stupid.

Indeed. But there's more; the video cuts out right after the man says, "You're stupid. You're tripping. ... [T]hey don't know it's me. It's not like I put 'Aldon Smith'."

And now the video has made its way onto the NFL' s radar.

The NFL's substance-abuse policy requires that any player seeking reinstatement must demonstrate that he's avoided "substances of abuse" during his suspension, and must also include information regarding his "involvement with any substances of abuse-related incidents."

Aldon Smith could be in more hot water with the NFL. USATSI

The Raiders re-signed Smith in April, seven months after originally signing him -- and six months after he was suspended. As's Jared Dubin recounted at the time, Smith has struggled to stay out of trouble for much of his NFL career.

Smith signed with the Raiders in September after being released by the 49ers following his third DUI and fifth arrest in three years. Smith's August arrest, which resulted in his being charged with hit and run, DUI and vandalism, followed arrests for two other DUIs, as well as felony assault weapons charges (later reduced to misdemeanors) and a (later dropped) charge of false report of a bomb threat.

Shortly before 1 p.m. ET on Monday, Smith tweeted this, presumably in reference to the video and the subsequent NFL investigation: