Phil Mickelson made a move up the leaderboard at the Masters on Saturday, nearly landing in the final group with Jordan Spieth. He did it looking differently, wearing a pink shirt in tribute to Arnold Palmer ("It’s not my color. It doesn’t look good on me." I don’t wear it well.")

On Sunday, Mickelson wants to remain aggressive on the golf course. So he'll go back to his traditional black outfit for the final round at Augusta. And it's in part, Mickelson said, because of a study relating to the NFL.

"I like to wear dark colors on Sunday. I’ve won three times wearing a black shirt so I’ll wear a black shirt tomorrow. It also helps me get more aggressive," Mickelson said. "Studies have shown, like NFL teams, when they wear black they have more penalties, it just gets you to play more aggressive. And that’s what I need to do tomorrow is play more aggressive."

Mickelson is going back to black Sunday. (Getty Images)

Anecdotally it absolutely feels like Mickelson is right. Teams in black always feel more aggressive.

But there actually is a study that looked at penalties from NFL and NHL teams compared to their uniform color and noticed that teams wearing black tend to be more aggressive and draw more penalties.

Mickelson will need everything in his bag on Sunday if he wants to catch youngster Jordan Spieth, who's sleeping on a five-stroke lead Saturday night.