We are just about two weeks from the 2020 NFL Draft, and while it won't be the crazy party in Las Vegas that it could've been, that won't affect how important this event is. This class is considered to be one of the deeper classes in recently memory, as there are game-changing wideouts available in every round, potentially elite defensive stars and plug-and-play offensive tackles that several teams would love to get their hands on. 

One position that appears to be hit-or-miss is the quarterback. While there are a couple of elite signal-callers who will be selected in the first round, there could be some sleepers selected later in this draft that could have teams kicking themselves for not taking a chance on them with an earlier pick.

This week, former NFL quarterback and CBS Sports analyst Danny Kanell sat down with Will Brinson on the Pick Six Podcast (subscribe here for daily NFL goodness) to discuss the top 10 signal-callers in this draft. 

Below, we take a look at how Kanell ranks the top 10, with an excerpt of what he says about each. To hear Kanell's' full analysis and insight into all the QB prospects, be sure to check out Tuesday's episode.

10. Mason Fine, North Texas

"He's a competitor, he fits what offenses are doing now. He's a little bit more mobile, can make all the throws but I love the competitive spirit about him. A tough kid who I think could be one of those sixth- or seventh-round picks that's all of a sudden figuring out a way to make a team and possibly -- if he's given the right situation -- could make an impact. I think you're going to see more teams try out what the Saints have done with Taysom Hill."

9. Steven Montez, Colorado

"Big, physical kid, it seems like he's been there forever. Probably more of a project, not exactly the runner that you would like but he has a massive arm, he's got a cannon." 

8. James Morgan, FIU

"He's a player who has had a lot of playing time, he's won a lot of games, was actually recruited more than most players that would go to FIU -- but went in there, took over the job, battled some injuries, but I do think I like his accuracy and what he brings to the table from a leadership perspective. Again, a later-round pick who I think will be a guy that will make an NFL roster probably as a backup, but given the right circumstances, could find himself playing and maybe even playing himself into a longer career than most people think in the NFL."

7. Jacob Eason, Washington

"I think he will probably get drafted in the third or fourth round. (He) could light it up. Maybe he gets in the right system and gets in and has a lot of success, but I'm just not buying it until I see it. As far as a risk-reward -- if it was the fourth round and I was in need of a quarterback to add depth to my depth chart, I would absolutely take a swing on Jacob Eason."

6. Jake Fromm, Georgia

"He's had a really good upbringing, his parents did a fantastic job, he's kept a really level head, he's had success as a true freshman and he's played really well. Unfortunately for Jake Fromm, he's coming off the worst year of his career, he had injuries on his offensive line, he had bad, young wide receivers around him, so he didn't have a really good year, which is why we aren't talking about him higher. Then he goes to the combine and his hand size is an issue, top-tier arm strength becomes an issue, but I would say he's going to be a 10-year player in the NFL."

5. Jalen Hurts, Oklahoma

"I probably put Jalen Hurts higher than Fromm and Eason because at some point, this is where I have to go to the film and say, 'Look at the career this guy had from the time he was a freshman at Alabama and he was the SEC Offensive Player of the Year, to the way he handled his benching to Tua Tagovailoa, to the way he stayed around at Alabama, was a good teammate, was a good leader, the way he was called upon in the SEC Championship game when Tua wasn't playing great, won that game, and then what he did at Oklahoma.' He's excelled and had success every time he's been on the field."

4. Jordan Love, Utah State

"He's one for me that's really an intriguing pick because I think some team will fall in love with him. I do think he will probably go in the second round unless maybe somebody pulls a Lamar Jackson when (the Ravens) traded back in the first round to get him -- I could see a scenario where maybe something like that unfolds. But I think he's definitely a second-round pick and I do think a team will fall in love with him because of that raw skill-set potential that you see." 

3. Justin Herbert, Oregon

"When you look at him and you evaluate him, he played in an offense that was not suited to the NFL game, to evaluating film, there was a lot of bubble screens and a lot of one-read and get the ball out. It just was not a very complex offense that didn't really suit his skillset. I think when it's all said and done, if you give Herbert the right pieces and you give him the right coaching staff and you give him some weapons to work with, I think he could potentially have the best career of all of them. I think he's that talented."

2. Tua Tagovailoa, Alabama

"Even if Tua did not hurt his hip and didn't have that surgery -- again, if you go back to the film and go watch (Tagovailoa and Joe Burrow) play, I think Burrow jumps off more as a more accurate passer, I think he's more athletic, I think he has more of the intangible leadership styles that you would want in your franchise quarterback and more of that ability to make the big play. It's not so much that Tua is awful, and yet that's what some 'Bama fans who listen to this will hear, but I just think it's a no-brainer -- and then because of the hip -- for me then it's like even more of a no-brainer where there's almost one by himself, and then it's Tua and Herbert."

1. Joe Burrow, LSU

"I think it's probably somewhere between Deshaun Watson and Jameis Winston as far as recency of first-round quarterbacks, where he kind of grades out."