Russell Wilson shattered any realistic timeline with his return from significant in-season surgery, which required the insertion of a pin in his right middle finger, shocking his surgeon and the Seahawks as well.

After surgery, which Wilson opted to undergo within hours of the injury occurring -- which also sped up his timeline -- he was informed that he would be out a minimum of six-to-eight weeks, according to sources with direct knowledge of the situation. He will play Sunday just four weeks after suffering the injury, which left him unable to straighten his finger and rendered him unable to throw a football.

Wilson attacked his recovery, working around the clock with a team of trainers and associates to return as quickly as possible, including spending Seattle's bye week in San Diego with that staff, aiming to return in Week 10 at Green Bay. Wilson never missed a snap previously, playing through excruciating pain and a high-ankle sprain at one point, and remarkably only missed three games while recovering.

As one source close to the quarterback put it, Wilson applied a decidedly old school approach his recovery, coupled with a resilient attitude and spirit: "Great doctor, dedicated therapy, talented assistance, conviction and faith," as he put it. "To do what he did in four weeks defied logic. Borderline miracle."

Wilson does not expect to have any limitations or issues maneuvering the football as he tries to get Seattle into playoff contention despite a 3-5 start. He was fully cleared for practice and play at the start of the week and experienced no setbacks or issues preparing for the Packers in what could be a playoff preview.