There is no substitute for real life, but very often with the NFL, "Madden" comes close. It's particularly helpful in instances where the world is unable to actually see something because it doesn't exist. Like the Falcons Mercedes-Benz Stadium, which isn't set to open in real life until the 2017 season.

It already exists in the virtual world, however, and you can now play in it in the newest rendition of "Madden," which was released on Tuesday.

Looking at screenshots of the stadium, it's stunning.

The gigantic spinning, circular videoboard in the middle of the stadium looks like something straight off a spaceship.

The new Falcons stadium. via EA Sports

In the fashion of "Jerry World," there's just so much more to see from an end-zone angle than you would ever expect to see from an older stadium.

Field view of Mercedes-Benz Stadium via EA Sports

The viewpoint from the field shows an array of spectacular angles:

Field-level view via EA Sports

Compare the virtual tour with real life and there are one or two differences!

Virtual ... via EA Sports
Not quite finished in real life. via

As an added bonus, here's a virtual tour of the new stadium in not real life.