Call the Silverdome the Black Knight, because it's asking for a draw. After it withstood an implosion on Sunday morning, they got it right the second time, and the Silverdome was successfully leveled on Monday. Here's Sunday's failed attempt:

And here's the sequel on Monday:

It wasn't the most glamorous sendoff, and the Silverdome had a lot of bad years in disrepair after Ford Field was built, but it's over now.

Pontiac's former House of Lions is the second "classic" dome to be demolished in the last 30 days, as the Georgia Dome was also leveled in favor of the Falcons' new home, Mercedes-Benz Stadium. The demolition is undoubtedly bittersweet for Lions' fans -- the memories there may not be the fondest -- but it was home to a lot of major events in the Greater Detroit area. Its resilience will never be in question, it survived an explosion, but it's time for the lot to move forward.