The Lions have many memories of the Silverdome, their old home, which they played in from 1975 through 2001. Most of those memories probably aren't great, so it was a little fitting on Sunday morning when the planned implosion of the Pontiac, Michigan arena failed to go off smoothly.

Or at all -- a Detroit-based company called the Adamo Group was hired to blow up the arena and somehow managed to screw up a destruction that involves explosions. 

They literally couldn't manage to blow up a giant building.

It's almost like the Lions don't know what they're doing! In all fairness, this isn't an actual thing involving the Lions. Instead, the group in charge should bear the brunt of the blame, having screwed up the whole process for wiring the building and causing it to blow. 

According to one executive, 10 percent of the charges failed to go off. That's at least a 90 percent success rate?? But they've basically got to wait and hope that gravity does its job, which seems like a fairly unsafe manner for letting a gigantic building collapse.

You won't believe this, but people had a good laugh at the expense of the Lions and Detroit.

Hopefully the actual Lions have a better Sunday planned than the Silverdome.