Anna Gasser's slopestyle doesn't go as planned. (Getty)
Anna Gasser's slopestyle doesn't go as planned. (Getty)

Getting down the mountain is easy, it's getting back up that's the hard part.

Going into Sunday's slopestyle snowboard women's final, Austria's Anna Gasser had high hopes and couldn't wait to get started. Quite literally.

Gasser had a false start of sorts when she came out of the starting zone and slowly slid down the starting hill. From there it was a comedy of errors as she tried to retreat to start in earnest only she couldn't get up the hill. Nor could the volunteer who bravely slid down to try and help, nearly falling on his keester.

The comedy of errors wasn't finished. Gasser then stepped out of the snowboard and tried to walk back up to the starting station only to be felled and slide right back down. In case you forgot, snow is slippery.

And here you thought Sochi Fails was just for hotels and Opening Ceremony gaffes.

Unfortunately for Gasser, that wasn't the only time she fell on Sunday. She also touched the snow on a couple of occasions when she actually did get down the hill, her best run being good for a score of 51.75, which put her 10th out of 12 in the final won by USA's Jamie Anderson.

So yes, Gasser has had better days.