There are no participation trophies at the Winter Games, only medals. Nobody knows that better than Lindsey Vonn, who finished off the podium in the super-G on Saturday in South Korea. After the race was over, Vonn took to Twitter to express her frustration for the outcome of the race.

In response to the tweet, Vonn's timeline was filled with thousands of responses. The skiing star -- who has been critical of Donald Trump -- found user after user mocking her for the finish, with many referencing "karma" for her poor finish. In December, Vonn said that she was hoping to ski "for the people ... not the president" at the Winter Olympics, a comment that drew the ire of quite a few supporters of the president. Apparently, that frustration hasn't dissipated.

To be fair, there were plenty of supporters who came out in defense of Vonn and who took issue with the pro-Trump commenters gloating in a star American athlete's disappointing result. 

Soccer legend Julie Foundy, a former star for the United States Women's National Team, voiced her frustration with the backlash at Vonn.

Which Vonn responded to in kind.

Vonn followed up the tweetstorm against her with another one, saying that she'll get better.

Vonn will race for a gold medal in her best event, the downhill, on Wednesday in South Korea -- Tuesday night in the United States  -- and she could also compete in the combined. There's still a great chance that she could come home with a medal, which might just shut the Twitter trolls up.