One of the most underrated parts of every Olympics is the Opening Ceremony, which basically serves as part pre-game introduction, part circus, and part fashion show. 

On Monday morning, we got our first look at what the American athletes will be wearing during the ceremony, courtesy of Ralph Lauren. The uniforms have a very Americana feel to them, almost as if they worked in lockstep with whoever produced the trailer for Justin Timberlake's new album.

While the frayed gloves may be what most catches your eye, the jacket might actually be the most interesting part of the ensemble. The winter coat is wired with smartphone technology, granting athletes temperature control using three separate settings via an app on their phones.

Some additional info from Ralph Lauren:

"Beyond adding extra warmth, the technology added a modernity to the iconic style of the Olympic outfits," the company said, explaining that the battery-powered tech, which offers three heat settings and lasts up to 11 hours, is meant "to keep [the athletes] warm, to keep their muscles limber, to make sure they didn't tighten up before the challenges of the next day and the following two weeks."

Olympic fashion at the 2018 Winter Games is off to a hot start. Literally.