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The 2020 Tokyo Olympics officially began on Friday with every nation being introduced during the Parade of Nations and the Olympic flame being lit by tennis star Naomi Osaka. One of the most impressive displays, which captivated audiences around the world, featured drones at Olympic Stadium.

Towards the end of the opening ceremony, 1,824 drones appeared above the stadium and started as the symbol for the Tokyo Olympics. The drones then formed into the shape of Earth, which was a sight to behold.

"A sight never before seen, a feat of technology and beauty. A celestial body hovering over Tokyo. In a moment and a vision for the world," NBC's Savannah Guthrie narrated on the broadcast during the display.

The drone display segued into a rendition of John Lennon's song "Imagine," which has been a staple at the Olympics for quite some time. It was a stunning display that was done with completely precision.

The Tokyo Olympics are finally getting underway after being postponed a calendar year as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, there won't be any fans in attendance for the Tokyo Olympics due to an elevation of COVID-19 cases in Japan.