Everton boss Carlo Ancelotti said that Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp called playing the Champions League match against Atletico Madrid on March 11 with fans in attendance at Anfield a "criminal act." During the coronavirus pandemic's European outbreak, Serie A action was already postponed and numerous Champions League matches were being played without fans. On the same day Liverpool was eliminated from the competition by Atletico, PSG hosted Dortmund in Paris without any fans. 

"I spoke with Klopp a few days ago. He told me that the decision to play Liverpool-Atletico was a criminal act and I think he's right," Ancelotti told Corriere dello Sport"Today, the priority is health, limiting the contagion. When you start again, when you finish, the dates… believe me, I don't care. At the moment, that's the last thing on my mind."

The match was surprisingly played with both home and traveling fans, while the Premier League also continued to operate (the Arsenal-Manchester City match scheduled for March 11 was postponed, however). The Reds were scheduled to play Everton just days later before the Premier League ultimately decided to suspend play. The Champions League has since been officially postponed

During that Liverpool vs. Atleti game, Klopp seemed well aware of the importance of not shaking hands and the threat the virus spreading. Not only did he decline Atletico coach Diego Simeone's handshake in favor of an elbow pump, he also let fans have it for sticking out their hands to him. 

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As of Sunday, there were more than 600,000 cases of the virus worldwide. CBS News has live updates about the pandemic.

Liverpool hasn't confirmed that anybody at the club has tested positive for the virus, though many clubs in Europe have