The Bundesliga season will officially return this weekend after German officials determined that the coronavirus was contained enough within the country to have live matches again. But FC Augsburg will be without their manager for the restart because he was caught breaking quarantine rules that the league had set.

Heiko Herrlich, the manager in question, reportedly left his designated quarantine hotel to grab toothpaste from a nearby store. Players and managers were required to self isolate for two weeks in hotels before the season would restart. During this time, they were tested regularly for the respiratory disease

"I made a mistake by leaving the hotel," Herrlich said in a statement later, per the BBC. "Even though I have followed all hygiene measures both when leaving the hotel and otherwise, I cannot undo this. In this situation, I was not able to act as a role model for my team and the public.

"I will, therefore, be consistent and stand by my mistake. Because of this misconduct, I will not be leading the training [on Friday] and will not be in charge of the team against Wolfsburg on Saturday."

Herrlich was placed in charge of Augsburg on March 10 and will be allowed to return to the pitch after two negative tests. The club is 14th in the league, and five points above relegation.