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Kylian Mbappe has hailed "legendary" LeBron James as an example that he is following as he carves himself a status as one of sport's leading names. The Paris Saint-Germain and France man is one of the biggest draws in soccer but admitted that he looks up to the four-time NBA finals MVP away from the field.

"His career is far more advanced than mine and he has projects outside of sport which have secured his legendary status," Mbappe said of LeBron in France's GQ. "Being able to seek advice from such inspiring personalities gives me the chance to adjust my projects accordingly and to create something of my own which is as impactful as possible for today's young generation."

The parallels between soccer and basketball and clearer than ever with the way that the European game's schedules are starting to mirror the calendars of their American counterparts. Mbappe recognized that there is massive pressure to not only stay at a high level of performance but also to be able to feature as often as possible given the commercial pressures of the modern game.

"We are approaching the NBA model with seventy-game seasons," the 25-year-old said. "Personally I am not against playing so much, but we will not be able to be good every time and give the audience the expected show. In the NBA, players do not play every match and franchises practice load management. But, today, if I decided to say 'I'm tired, I'm not playing on Saturday,' it wouldn't work.

"The spectator who pays for his ticket, and who will perhaps see you only once during the season, wants to witness a performance worthy of the name and that is normal. However, it is a different management method to which football is exposed if the number of matches increases. I don't want to be a lesson giver, but we must think together to succeed in offering the best possible show and for players, spectators and authorities to come together."

However, Mbappe believes that he is different to the current crops of players who are starting to struggle with the pressure physically as well as mentally. In fact, the French superstar believes that the expectation of consistent greatness is further motivation for him on the field.

"We are in an era of overconsumption, with a lot of matches, where people expect a lot from players," the PSG and France talisman told GQ. "I have shown that pressure does not affect me negatively and I would even say that I need it to perform. This is what allows us to maintain the degree of excellence required to play at the highest levels."

A case in point is on the horizon this summer with Mbappe expected to compete at both the UEFA Euro 2024 as French captain and then the Olympic Games in Paris. The latter is particularly contentious as such a double commitment would severely impact his availability at the start of next season -- wherever he decides to play his soccer at the end of his current contract.

"I have reached a point in my life and career where I no longer want to force things," said Mbappe of the Games coming to his hometown and his chance to emulated LeBron as an Olympic gold medallist. "If they let me do them, I would go with great pleasure but if it is not possible, I would understand. For any athlete, the Olympics have a special place and I already wanted to go to Tokyo because I want to win everything and write my name in the history of the French team as that of a player who mattered."

Mbappe also hinted that he might not finish his soccer career in Europe having seen star names such as former PSG teammates Lionel Messi and Neymar go to destinations such as Major League Soccer with Inter Miami in the U.S. and AL Hilal in the Saudi Pro League respectively. That said, he is expected to stay on the continent for the next few years with Real Madrid and Liverpool competing in the chase for his signature with his current Parisien employers.

"Many great players who have left their mark on football history have left Europe this summer and we are entering a new era of football," Mbappe added. "It's the normal cycle of this sport and at one point it will be my turn to leave. These changes do not concern me and I am simply thinking of continuing my career following my own path."