England and Tunisia clashed in Volgograd on Monday at the World Cup, but both teams had a common enemy: bugs. A swarm of bugs plagued fans and broadcasters at Volgograd Arena leading up to and during England's bout with Tunisia, and people were not thrilled to deal with the annoying little things.

Or perhaps... Not so little.

Apparently the bugs are a hybrid of mosquitoes and midges, and were known to be an issue prior to the Cup.

And players had to deal with the bugs somehow.

As with any weird, natural event, conspiracy theories started to fly.

Little does Jake know, nothing gets in England's way quite like England.

The World Cup has dealt with bugs before, mind you. At the last World Cup in Brazil, some bugs invaded the pitch and got caught on camera chilling on the grass.

However, these ones are an absolute nuisance.

Hopefully this gets sorted out soon, although the only thing that can sort it out is nature. The next match at Volgograd will be Friday, when Nigeria plays Iceland. Obviously one would hope that this little pests won't be flying around then, but if they are, teams will just have to learn to adapt.