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We are back! And I am happy because some of the players who made it were serious. Heung-Min Son did what he had to do and South Korea are in the knockout stage, Japan's coach did a tactical masterclass, kudos to you guys.

However, there were some quite unserious players in the third matches of the group stage and we must get to them.


Milan Borjan- Canada have a lot of heart, they will be back in 2026 but they need to find a new keeper, fast. Milan is a great story, very happy that he got to play at a World Cup especially at the age of 35. However, he was at fault for the first goal against Morocco and things went downhill, fast.

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Right back

Rasmus Kristensen- Denmark disappointed most people. They were a dark horse hopeful and they came crashing down. I could possibly put 11 players between Belgium and Denmark as the tournaments biggest disaapointments, however, Rasmus was not good at all and was caught out, so much so that he was subbed off.

Center back

Steven Vitoria- Another great story from the Canadian side, also another 35-year-old. However, Steven was at fault for the first goal too and because of that, you are on this list.

Jakub Kiwior- Poland wow, what a shameful display against Argentina. They qualified, barely, but they did. Kiwior was shocking against Argentina, Goalkeeper Wojciech Szczęsny kept it tame for his countrymen because that was a textbook example of how not to defend.

Left back

Baba Rahman- Ghana could have sought revenge for 2010 and beaten Uruguay, but they got to see Luis Suarez cry anyway which they will take all day. Baba Rahman, in that first half was exploited, both Ghanaian fullbacks were. They grew into the game, but wow that first half was something out of a horror scene. If you are a Ghanaian fan anyway. If you are a hater, that was like watching Friday.

Center midfield

Mattéo Guendouzi- Mattéo Guendouzi is a bit of an enigma. He has the talent. He has shown it, but he also does things that make you scratch your head. Against Tunisia he stood out, one because of his hair, two because what was he doing out there? If he does not feature for the rest of the World Cup, do not be surprised because wow?

Grzegorz Krychowiak- Poland, I am back for seconds. What was that display against Argentina? Yes Argentina are very talented but at least show something. Their midfield was slack and second to everything. They will be playing France who has a very solid midfield, Krychowiak I fear for you. Truly.

Bruno Guimaraes- A hall of shame cameo. Everyone who watches the Premier League knows how great Bruno is but he put in a very terrible cameo against Cameroon. His touches were loose, his passing was slack, he was weak on the ball and he squandered chance after chance. His talent level is high but with performances like this, it will be very hard for Tite to trust him for Brazil going forward.

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Right wing

Andre Ayew- Wow, Andre I do not mean to pile on but that penalty for Ghana?! That is all I have to say.


Romelu Lukaku- I feel bad for Lukaku. He's trying to come back from an injury but that was a display on not how to play striker. Belgium disappointed in this tournament. The big names you expected to show out, did not and Lukaku missed a ton of chances against Croatia. The talent is there with Big Rom, he just needs time.

Left wing

Cristiano Ronaldo- One of the greatest players to ever play the game of football, that is something you cannot argue. People conflate what he has done vs what he is. He is 37 years old and it shows when he plays. Father Time is undefeated, unfortunately. His play against South Korea summed up the last few months, missing chances, playing poorly and even assisted South Korea.

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Roberto Martinez- He was the steward of Belgium's golden generation and, well, everything blew up this tournament. Roberto is out of a job and Belgium has to pick everything up, restart and rethink everything. People thought this Belgian side were going to have one last run and instead they false started, they are out in the group stage and have tough questions to answer.