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Spring football is back, as the USFL will try to capitalize on an opportunity to expand the game. For the third time in the last four years, a new football league will attempt to stick around.

The USFL features eight franchises that were also in the original USFL, which ran from 1983 to 1986, and retained rights to key original team names (Philadelphia Stars, New Jersey Generals, New Orleans Breakers, etc.). What separates the USFL from the Alliance of American Football and the XFL is all the games in its inaugural season are being played in a centralized location in Birmingham, Alabama -- at Protective Stadium and Legion Field.

As for the postseason, four teams will qualify (the top two teams in each division) and the games will be held at Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium in Canton, Ohio. The USFL Championship Game will also be played in Canton on Sunday, July 3. 

The 2022 USFL season will begin on Saturday, April 16 as games will be played on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from April through July. Here is the 2022 USFL schedule, along with the latest scores:

Week 1


Birmingham Stallions 28, New Jersey Generals 24

Houston Gamblers 17, Michigan Panthers 12

New Orleans Breakers 23, Philadelphia Stars 17

Tampa Bay Bandits 17, Pittsburgh Maulers 3

Week 2 


New Jersey Generals 10, Michigan Panthers 6

Philadelphia Stars 30, Pittsburgh Maulers 23

Birmingham Stallions 33, Houston Gamblers 28

New Orleans Breakers 34, Tampa Bay Bandits 3

Week 3


Tampa Bay Bandits 27, Houston Gamblers 26

Birmingham Stallions 22, New Orleans Breakers 13

Michigan Panthers 24, Pittsburgh Maulers 0

New Jersey Generals 24, Philadelphia Stars 16

Week 4


Philadelphia Stars 26, Michigan Panthers 25

New Jersey Generals 21, Pittsburgh Maulers 13

Birmingham Stallions 16, Tampa Bay Bandits 10

New Orleans Breakers 23, Houston Gamblers 16

Week 5


Tampa Bay Bandits 27, Michigan Panthers 20

New Jersey Generals 27, New Orleans Breakers 17

Birmingham Stallions 30, Philadelphia Stars 17

Pittsburgh Maulers 21, Houston Gamblers 20

Week 6


Philadelphia Stars 35, Tampa Bay Bandits 28

Birmingham Stallions 33, Michigan Panthers 17

New Orleans Breakers 26, Pittsburgh Maulers 16

New Jersey Generals 26, Houston Generals 25

Week 7


New Jersey Generals 20, Tampa Bay Bandits 13

New Orleans Breakers 31, Michigan Panthers 27 (OT)

Birmingham Stallions 26, Pittsburgh Maulers 16

Philadelphia Stars 35, Houston Gamblers 24

Week 8


New Jersey Generals 29, Pittsburgh Maulers 18

Birmingham Stallions 10, New Orleans Breakers 9

Philadelphia Stars 46, Michigan Panthers 24

Tampa Bay Bandits 13, Houston Gamblers 3

Week 9


New Jersey Generals 25, Michigan Panthers 23

Houston Gamblers 17, Birmingham Stallions 15

New Orleans Breakers 17, Tampa Bay Bandits 6

Philadelphia Stars 17, Pittsburgh Maulers 16

Week 10


New Jersey Generals 26, Philadelphia Stars 23

Birmingham Stallions 21, Tampa Bay Bandits 18

Michigan Panthers 33, Pittsburgh Maulers 21

Houston Gamblers 20, New Orleans Breakers 3

Playoff semifinals


Philadelphia Stars 19, New Jersey Generals 14

Birmingham Stallions 31, New Orleans Breakers 17



Birmingham Stallions 33, Philadelphia Stars 30


The USFL will operate under a different set of rules and regulations that will make the game more exciting for the fans. Included are the extra point system that rewards teams for successful conversion tries, stand-still kickoffs, alternative onside kicks, and a best-of-three playoff shootout for overtime. 

All the new USFL rules can be found here. The USFL will attempt to springboard spring football once again, especially with the XFL and NFL collaborating in 2023. The league has an opportunity to create a niche for itself over the next several months.