It figures to be a slow silly season … unless LSU, USC or -- gulp -- Ohio State opens up, there may not be any high-profile Power Five jobs available this cycle. But give it time. That could all shift if the always-changing winds and whims of wild-eyed boosters and their expectations.

As a fair-and-balanced update to CBS Sports' annual Hot Seat Rankings, we figured we'd revisit the list in-season after one month of competition. As such, we present six coaches from that all-encompassing list of 129 whose security is now trending up since the summer … and six who are trending down.

It's fair to say (some) things have changed. Jim Harbaugh and Michigan are on a roll, while -- five words you thought you'd never read -- Urban Meyer kept his job.  Rutgers looks like it could be the worst program in the country. Texas might be back. After a 10-win season, Notre Dame never left. Bill Snyder and Kansas State have endured a troubling start. Colorado is undefeated this far into the season for the first time since 1995.

The rationale for a lot of this: We're not worried about hurt feelings. Coaches make millions of dollars for coaching a game. It's OK if the public reviews their job performance now and then.

A disclaimer because we have something not exhibited in college athletics lately -- patience: We are not including Chip Kelly and Scott Frost (a combined 0-8) because we have a soul. Let these guys complete a season first.

Before we get to who is up and who is down, a quick reminder about our ratings key and what the numbers next to each coach's name represent in the grand scheme of things.

  • 5: Win or be fired
  • 4: Start improving now
  • 3: Pressure is mounting
  • 2: All good ... for now
  • 1: Safe and secure
  • 0: Untouchable

Seats heating up

Other coaches feeling the heat: Paul Johnson (Georgia Tech), Brad Lambert (Charlotte), Bobby Wilder (Old Dominion), Bob Davie (New Mexico), Everett Withers (Texas State), Mark Whipple (UMass), Phillip Montgomery (Tulsa)

Seats cooling off

Other coaches cooling off: Steve Addazio (Boston College), Luke Fickell (Cincinnati), Chris Reighton (Eastern Michigan), Nick Rolovich (Hawaii), Dino Babers (Syracuse)