If nothing else, Baylor's coaching staff is loyal. And we know that loyalty is to former head coach Art Briles, not Baylor itself. It's also clear some Baylor fans are loyal to Briles, even though it's been nearly six months since he was let go in the midst of a sexual assault scandal involving the program.

Leading up to Saturday's game between Baylor and TCU, Bears fans were seen lining up to purchase shirts with the phrase #CAB printed across the front. ("CAB" stands for "Coach Art Briles.) The shirts were made by Hurley's Graphics and Boss Hawg Designs.

However, the #CAB shirts did not resonate with everyone, including Brenda Tracy, the rape survivor who spoke with the team in July.

Asked for a response to the sale of shirts, spokesman Nick Joos told CBSSports.com in a statement, "My understanding is the shirts were sold on private property across the street from the stadium not on stadium property."

It's been a busy week for fallout of Baylor's sexual assault scandal. This past week, members of the school's Board of Regents responded to requests for interviews from 60 Minutes Sports, The Wall Street Journal and the Dallas Morning News.

On Friday evening, however, members of the Bears coaching staff signed a statement posted on offensive coordinator Kendal Briles' Twitter account addressing the scandal and the responses.

Then many outlets ran with a story that Baylor players were wearing all black against TCU as a protest to defend Briles. Wide receiver Chris Platt, who initially tweeted "this black out means more than just the uniforms to us. #truthdontlie," denied this on Twitter.

#Truthdontlie was a common hashtag used by Briles.

"The seniors met with Coach Grobe and asked him if they could wear black since it was a rivalry game. They are not making any type of statement," Joos said.

University spokesperson Lori Fogleman added, "According to seniors who met with Coach Jim Grobe, the team's decision to wear black uniforms for today's game was made months ago in anticipation of the game against TCU, Baylor's 111-year rival. The black uniform is a team favorite and is reserved for one home game each year against a noted rival."