Charlie Weis is living well off of his Notre Dame buyout. USATSI

Charlie Weis' agent belongs in a Hall of Fame somewhere for his accomplishments in contract negotiations.

Weis was fired by Notre Dame in 2009 and received $6.6 million in severance pay on top of his annual $2.05 million salary through 2015. Now that Notre Dame's 2014-15 tax records have been obtained by USA Today, it can be revealed that Weis -- five years after he was fired -- is still making the most money out of anyone in the athletic department (and the third-most of anyone at Notre Dame).

Only vice president and chief investment officer Scott Malpass ($5.4 million) and Notre Dame's managing director for private capital investments Michael Donovan ($2.3 million) made more in 2014 than Weis. Current football coach Brian Kelly earned $1.62 million in 2014, and athletic director Jack Swarbrick hauled in $1.61 million, coming in behind Weis on the athletic department's payroll.

Weis' Notre Dame buyout finally ended in December 2015, but don't fear for his bank account just yet! He's still collecting checks from Kansas through the end of December 2016 as the Jayhawks owed him just over $5.6 million after firing him in 2014.

Get fired. Get more money.