The Florida State Seminoles successfully captivated the college football world on Monday, though not for a particularly flattering reason. The FSU football Twitter account sent out a rather perplexing graphic to kick off the week, and it left plenty of people just utterly confused.

Here's the tweet in question ...

That very crappy graphic leads us all to believe that FSU starts its football season in 154 days, which is wildly incorrect ... obviously. Once you get past seeing it as 154, you're led to wonder whether it's some sort of math equation. But that doesn't exactly check out, either.

In all likelihood, the graphic is simply pointing at the start of Seminoles training camp, which kicks off in four days -- hence the gigantic four displayed. But the inclusion of the player wearing No. 15 without any explanation directly next to that four makes the graphic incredibly confusing and ineffective. 

For proof of that, all you need to do is check FSU's mentions.

So, yeah, just a tremendously bad job by FSU's social media department at executing a very simple task. If your social media person can't put together a basic graphic without breaking everyone's brain, do you really have a social media person or do you just have a person with social media?

However, it's worth noting that this isn't even Florida State's worst graphic posted this year. That honor certainly has to go to their recruiting page's MLK Day post showing Martin Luther King wearing a receiver glove while doing the tomahawk chop. 


At least they set the bar extremely low for themselves.