Derrius Guice remembers what you said, Jim McElwain.

Following LSU's 17-16 win over Florida on Saturday, the LSU running back took to his Twitter account to ask the Florida coach a simple question.

Did LSU get what it deserved?

The question is about last year's meeting. The game was initially scheduled to be played in Gainesville, but was postponed due to Hurricane Matthew. The SEC eventually forced both schools to work out a date, and the game was played in Baton Rouge. Florida won the game 16-10, and afterward, McElwain was asked about the rhetoric that had taken place between the two schools in the wake of the game's postponement.

There had been some questioning whether Florida ever actually needed to postpone the game, implying that Florida was afraid to play it.

After Florida's win, McElwain said LSU got what it deserved, and that's why Derrius Guice is asking McElwain that question this year.

So, you know, this rivalry is still burning hot.