One of the wildest plays from Texas Tech's 63-49 victory over Houston shouldn't have counted. 

Houston got away with a double forward pass when wide receiver Marquez Stevenson took matters into his own hands by throwing to Keith Corbin while trying to reverse field on his own reception. The pass didn't look intended at all, as Stevenson was bottled up quickly by the Texas Tech defense. Still, Corbin raced up the sidelines for a 31-yard gain and gave the Cougars a first down. Three plays later, they scored to tie the game at 35. 

This was some risky, but quick thinking by Stevenson. However, it's something the officials should have caught. According to NCAA Rule 7 Section 3 Article 2D, a pass is illegal if "it is the second forward pass during the same down." 

The result of the play didn't change the tide of the game, but if things were closer, or if Houston had won, it would have been more noteworthy.