Coaches go to extreme lengths to make sure athletes are taking care of their bodies. Chip Kelly has a whole scientific routine about this. But not even Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh, who does some out-there things, determines the worthiness of his players based on their urine. 

Texas coach Tom Herman, on the other hand, is apparently extremely interested in pee clarity, as noted by a “Hydration Chart” located in the Longhorns’ athletic building. According to the chart’s rating system, there are eight different colors of, um, you know, and four different categories they fall under. 

Colors 1-3, indicating players are properly hydrated, are considered “Championship Hydration Levels” and they’re the only ones considered acceptable. Everything below that and you’re either a selfish teammate or simply a bad human being. 

It seems harsh to make such bold, personal statements about a person based on the color of their pee. If someone is at Level 8, they’re considered a “bad guy,” but they almost certainly also need medical attention.