Two Michigan football players have found a new spot to work out, but Ohio State fans aren't too pleased with the location. That's because Wolverines tight end Erick All and linebacker Joey Velazquez have been showing up at Lincoln Tower Park, which is located on Ohio State's campus, right behind Ohio Stadium to get some reps in during the coronavirus quarantine.

The two players are from Ohio, with Velazquez being from Columbus, and they say the best spot they found just happen to be a student recreational facility on the Buckeyes' campus.

Once people realized where the two players were running drills, Ohio State fans had some angry responses. 

One Buckeye fan tweeted, "Get off our lawn!"

All responded saying, "We'll be there [tomorrow] too come take us off."

That's when the players started getting involved, and Ohio State Buckeye's cornerback Cameron Brown asked what time to show up.

It doesn't seem like there was actually a confrontation, and All said no one showed up to stop the two from practicing on the field.

Even during the pandemic, college football rivalries stay strong.

Michigan and Ohio State have met a total of 116 times on the football field, with their last meeting on November 30, 2019. The Buckeyes won that contest 56-27.