Johnny Manziel had a great run as quarterback at Texas A&M before flaming out in the NFL, but he's still trying to help out the Aggies in any way he can. However, the NCAA needs him to dial it back on the recruiting pitches. 

On National Signing Day Wednesday, the 2012 Heisman winner sent out a tweet implying that he was told by the NCAA to stop tweeting at A&M recruits, or else it would result in a violation for the school.

The NCAA rules state that former players cannot initiate contact with prospective players in an attempt to assist in recruiting them. The recruits can reach out to former players if they so choose, but it's clear that Manziel has been taking initiative with several high-ranking prospects. 

It's very possible that Manziel had no idea about the rule, hence the quick apology on Wednesday afternoon. In any case, this minor offense is very low on the list of things that Johnny Football has done to get himself in trouble off the field.

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