Update: Tommy Armstrong was released from the hospital and walked back into Ohio Stadium an hour after being carted off on a stretcher. Wearing street clothes, he made his way back onto the field and began hugging teammates, which were obviously thrilled to see him.

No specific updates were available as to his health, though it does appear as if all precautions were taken in handling what looked to be a serious incident. Afterward, Armstrong took to his Twitter account to tell fans he was alright.

Original story

Nebraska quarterback Tommy Armstrong suffered a scary injury against Ohio State on Saturday night. After a while motionless on the field, he was carted off on a stretcher and loaded into an ambulance.

Scrambling for a first down after the Cornhuskers recovered a muffed punt, Armstrong was tackled along the sideline by Ohio State's Malik Hooker. The tackle took Armstrong's legs out from under him, and Armstrong did not have a chance to brace for his fall as he held the football in his right hand. As a result, Armstrong's head hit the turf on the sideline, and he laid motionless on the ground as he was tended to by medical personnel.

The school confirmed that Armstrong was "briefly knocked unconscious."

After being rolled onto his back, Armstrong had his helmet removed and shoulder pads cut off on the sideline. He was then placed on a stretcher and taken off the field as Buckeyes fans first chanted "Tommy, Tommy" and then "Tommy Arm-strong, Tommy Arm-strong."

Armstrong was seen moving his limbs and gave a thumbs up to teammates and fans as he was loaded onto the cart and driven off the field. Nebraska says he was also talking while on his way to the hospital.