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Oregon Ducks tight end Cam McCormick has been through the ringer in his college career. McCormick has lost most or all of four different seasons for various reasons, and the NCAA has recently granted him a ninth year of eligibility.

The 2022 Holiday Bowl will mark the end of McCormick's seventh season at Oregon, and while speaking with reporters, McCormick confirmed that he has been granted a ninth year of eligibility.

"I have two years," McCormick said. "I do, as crazy as that sounds. I do have two years left. Decisions, decisions, decisions."

In 2017, McCormick missed a good portion of the season after recovering from rhabdomyolysis, which he and several teammates developed following an overly strenuous workout in January of that year. McCormick then missed most of the 2018 season, and all of the 2019 and 2020 seasons, due to a broken ankle that required multiple surgeries.

McCormick made his return to the field for a game against Ohio State in September 2021, but he tore his Achilles in that contest and missed the rest of the season. That's when McCormick applied for his ninth year of eligibility, which was ultimately granted.

McCormick said he probably won't use that ninth year of eligibility. Before he can worry about that, though, McCormick must decide whether to play his eighth season with the Ducks.

"I couldn't imagine doing nine," McCormick said. "If anything, I applied for it just to have it. After Ohio State last year, I tore my Achilles, and thankfully I was able to get it. The option is there. I do have it. Whether I use it, that's up in the air, but thinking about returning for Year 8."

For now, McCormick is just trying to enjoy the Holiday Bowl before choosing whether to pursue his NFL dreams or remain at the college level.

"I've thought about it," McCormick said. "It's a tough decision. I'm not totally keen on what my decision is gonna be yet. I'm just gonna continue to enjoy this game with my teammates and make the decision after the game."

Because of everything McCormick has overcome in his career, he was recently awarded the Orange Bowl-FWAA Courage Award. In his first full year with the Ducks, McCormick caught nine passes for 64 yards and three touchdowns.