This onesie is now donesie. A Minnesota Golden Gophers fan was shopping at a Target when she noticed something about the sports section was a bit off. A onesie in the Minneapolis store read, "Minnesota Badgers," with the Gophers' logo underneath. 

The Badgers are from Wisconsin. The states share a border and are both brutally cold in the winter, but they definitely do not share sports teams.

So, the B̶a̶d̶g̶e̶r̶s̶ Gophers fan tweeted out a picture of the puzzling piece of clothing, using an emoji to express her thoughts on the matter with the question, "What is this @Target?" 

The store responded.

"Color us red. As a Minnesota-based company, we know we are home to the Gophers," Target told CBS Minnesota.

The wrongly printed items have since been removed from the shelves and are no longer up for sale. The onesies were available at a total of four Minneapolis-area stores and only two were purchased while the other 22 were sent back to the vendor, according to the Associated Press.

But maybe this Target also sells "Minnesota Packers" or "Milwaukee Twins" apparel. Rumor has it I can pick up a Green Bay Vikings shirt here.