Washington State coach Mike Leach was fined $10,000 this week by the Pac-12 due to comments he made about Arizona State.

"I think they still steal signs, and we'll have to keep an eye on that," said Leach about the Sun Devils. "That is a very unsavory practice they have, so we'll have to do what we can to defend against it."

Well, as you'd expect, Arizona State coach Todd Graham didn't really appreciate the comments, and he let Leach know about it following Washington State's 37-32 win over the Sun Devils on Saturday night.

Graham's comments to Leach during the post-game handshake were picked up on the Pac-12 Network feed of the game, and while it's hard to make out exactly what Graham said, you can clearly hear him tell Leach that he thought his comments were "chickenshit."

Personally, I recommend these two patch things up by going to lunch together. Turn that "chickenshit" into chicken salad.