It's interesting to think of the career arcs of Jacob Eason and Jake Fromm. Eason suffered a Week 1 injury in 2017 and Fromm took over for Georgia. Eason never got his job back and Fromm led the Bulldogs all the way to the National Championship game. Eason transferred to Washington and sat out 2018. Fromm quarterbacked Georgia for two more seasons and finished his college career with better efficiency numbers across the board than Eason. Yet, nearly everyone prefers Eason to Fromm in this year's draft. We'll get into why below.

Numbers to Know

Date of Birth: July 30, 1998

Height: 6-1 7/8

Weight: 219 pounds

Hand: 8 7/8 inches

Prospect Stats

2019: 14 games, 60.8% passes completed, 2,860 yards, 24 TDs (6.2%), 5 INT (1.3%); 7.4 Y/A, 8.1 AY/A

It's of note how little Fromm was asked to do. He threw more than 30 passes in a game just twice all year. Once was in a disappointing loss to South Carolina and the other was a thrashing at the hands of the eventual National Champions in the SEC Championship. In those two games Fromm threw two touchdown passes and all five of his interceptions.

Career: 43 games, 63.3% passes completed, 8,236 yards, 78 TDs (7.9%), 16 INT (1.8%), 8.4 Y/A, 9.1 AY/A

It's pretty impressive that Fromm averaged 9.0 yards per attempt and led Georgia to the National Championship game as a 19-year-old freshman. 

Known Injury History

  • Broken left hand, 2018


Fromm is an accurate quarterback who started three years in the SEC, won a lot more than he lost, and was given a lot of pre-snap responsibility by his coaching staff. His breakout age of 19 is elite and his career efficiency numbers are above average across the board. While he's not athletic, he has shown skills in the pocket, like manipulating the secondary


Like Eason, Fromm's lack of athleticism means he'll have to be an elite passer in the NFL. Unfortunately, he doesn't have Eason's size or arm strength, so it's harder to project him as an elite pocket passer. His hand size only adds to those doubts. It's hard to imagine Fromm going into a bad situation and making that team better.

Ryan Wilson's Take

No. 7 QB

As we came to expect from the 2017 and 2018 seasons, in '19, Fromm's was almost always efficient from the pocket, regularly making the right reads and delivering short and intermediate passes accurately and on time. But questions about his arm strength and deep-ball accuracy persisted, even when the opponents were incapable of providing much in the way of competition.

Yes, he was the beneficiary of one of the country's best offensive lines and running games, and that will be hard to replicate at the next level unless he lands with a winning franchise, but it's not like Fromm hasn't had his moments. He looked like a young Drew Brees against Notre Dame, but at other times during the season, he looked like a quarterback destined to be a backup at the next level.

Fantasy Comparison

We can just let Fromm tell it, right?

So that's completely unfair, but he said it. More reasonably, I do think Fromm could have Kirk Cousins upside. How you feel about Cousins will determine how optimistic that makes you but Cousins didn't lock down a starting job until his fourth year and then had three straight top-10 seasons while at the same time winning over no new fans. Fromm won't likely have three straight top-10 seasons but he could be a borderline starter if everything goes perfectly.

Favorite Fantasy Fits

The answer is going to be similar for any quarterback I don't think is ready to start, but New Orleans and New England have to be at the top of the list. I'd expand the secondary list to any well-run team with a good offensive line. It would be great to see him backing up Jimmy Garoppolo in San Francisco or Phillip Rivers in Indianapolis.

Fantasy Bottom Line

There's not a lot of hope that Fromm has a Fantasy impact in 2020 and I'd put it below a coin flip that he's a longterm starter in the NFL. If a team drafts him earlier than expected that could change, but for now I'd view him as someone you'd only draft in a deep rookie draft or a Superflex Dynasty league.