My longest running Fantasy league is entering its 20th season this year. It's a 10-team league, and we never considered expanding it. As much as I love the challenge of 12-team leagues and larger, it's fun to play in a 10-team league. You get so many great players on your roster.

Our CBS Sports crew held a 10-team, 0.5 PPR mock draft Wednesday, and everyone has an amazing team. The goal is to draft as many difference makers as possible given the larger talent pool because of fewer Fantasy managers, which was obviously my goal.

I started my team with three running backs in a row from the No. 10 spot with Saquon Barkley, Nick Chubb and Clyde Edwards-Helaire. Barkley, who is now off the PUP list, and Chubb are top-10 running backs in this format, and Edwards-Helaire is an excellent flex option. 

I have arguably the best running back corps in this league, including Damien Harris, Latavius Murray and Darrel Williams on the bench. I like having an edge at running back, even in a three-receiver league.

I'm not usually inclined to jump in early on quarterback and tight end in 12-team leagues, but that changes in a 10-team format. With that in mind, I drafted Dak Prescott in Round 5 and T.J. Hockenson in Round 6.

This gives me a top-five quarterback -- as long as Prescott's shoulder injury is fine -- and a top-five tight end. I love the core of my team now with Barkley, Chubb, Edwards-Helaire, Prescott and Hockenson.

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Add Terry McLaurin to that group, and he's the lone receiver I drafted in the first six rounds. I like McLaurin as a top 10 Fantasy receiver this year in this format, and he has top-five upside with Ryan Fitzpatrick now the quarterback in Washington.

My other receivers are good but have some flaws with Robby Anderson, Antonio Brown, Elijah Moore, Marvin Jones and Michael Pittman, and those are the only potential weak spots on my roster. I'm confident two of these receivers will be quality options, and I like the way this team was built.

If my running backs deliver as I expect, as well as Prescott, Hockenson and McLaurin, then this team should be a strong playoff contender. I was thrilled to get this many difference makers on my roster in this 10-team league.   

In this league, all touchdowns are worth six points, and we award one point for every 10 yards rushing and receiving and one point for every 25 yards passing. We also award 0.5 points for every reception. We feature a starting lineup of QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, TE, FLEX (RB/WR/TE) and DST. There also are six reserve spots for a 15-round draft.

Our draft order is as follows:

1. George Maselli, Fantasy Editor
2. R.J. White, Managing Editor, SportsLine and CBS Fantasy
3. Chris Towers, Senior Editor, Fantasy
4. Jack Capotorto, CBS Sports HQ Producer
5. Jacobs Gibbs, SportsLine Fantasy Analyst
6. Heath Cummings, Senior Fantasy Writer
7. Adam Aizer, Fantasy Football Today Podcast Host
8. Meron Berkson, CBS Sports HQ Producer
9. Dave Richard, Senior Fantasy Writer
10. Jamey Eisenberg, Senior Fantasy Writer

Round By Round
Round 1
Pos Team Player
1 Heath Cummings
2 Dave Richard
Team by Team
Heath Cummings
Rd Pk Player
1 1
Dave Richard
Rd Pk Player
1 2

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