Larry Fitzgerald has dropped only 19 passes during the past five years.

Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald has a reputation for great hands, and the numbers back it up. Fitzgerald dropped one of 83 catchable passes last year for a drop rate of 1.2 percent, best in the NFL, according to Pro Football Focus.

Surprisingly, rookie DeAndre Hopkins ranked second, dropping one of 53 catchable balls. The website watches film of every pass to determine whether it's catchable.

James Jones (2 drops of 61 catchable passes), Marques Colston (3 of 87), Golden Tate (3 of 67), Alshon Jeffery (5 of 94) and DeSean Jackson (5 of 87) all finished in the top 15.

The butter-fingers group was led by Davone Bess (14 of 56), Kris Durham (10 of 48) and Aaron Dobson (9 of 46).

The bottom 15 included Vincent Jackson; who dropped 12 of 90; Brandon Marshall, who dropped 15 of 115; and Wes Welker, who dropped 10 of 83.