The Toronto Raptors advanced to the second round of the postseason with a 4-1 series win over the Magic on Tuesday, capturing their fourth straight second-round berth. Their goal now is to beat the 76ers and avoid losing their third straight conference semifinal appearance. The real question surrounding all of this is: Should they want Drake in the building for those games?

He was Present at Scotiabank Arena for the Raptors' 115-96, but it's not groundbreaking to say that Drake has a bad history with supporting teams. If he roots for teams, bad things tend to happen. 

The rapper even acknowledged his it sarcastically last night after the Raptors' win.

"Want me to talk about the curse or you guys good?" he said.

The Maple Leafs, Toronto's other playoff team, experienced it firsthand this week. He showed up for Game 6 and 48 hours later the Leafs' season is over.

Maybe the Raptors can be the exception and make it out of the second round this year, but taking a look at the big picture... it's hard to argue: The "Drake Curse" is alive and well. Here's proof:

2012: The entire Premier League

One of the first times Drake got attention for the sheer number of teams he supports was when people noticed he seemed to have a lot of Premier League jerseys. He LOVED striker Mario Balotelli when the star was on Manchester City. The rapper even referenced him in his lyrics. Drake wore so many different jerseys that it's legitimately hard to pin down his stupid Premier League timeline. In 2011, he showed up to Manchester United's headquarters in a full Man. U outfit, which should have been the end of it. Then, in March of 2012 he was at a Manchester City match wearing Man. City duds. Less than a month later, he trained with Chelsea's Didier Drogba. Hopefully Balotelli didn't get jealous.

This kind of flies in the face of the curse, mind you. Manchester United won the Premier League in 2011 and City did in 2012. HOWEVER, Drake bounced from United to City to Chelsea so fast that it's entirely possible that the curse couldn't take root. By the time Chelsea won the league in 2015, he had already moved on to Barcelona and Toronto FC.

2013: Lionel Messi and Barcelona

Drake took his fandom to La Liga at one point, repping Lionel Messi in a Barcelona jersey. Now, it's entirely possible that this was only in support of Messi for the new FIFA video game coming out. Also, wearing a jersey of the biggest soccer star in the world isn't that crazy. But, guess the last year that Barcelona hasn't won either La Liga or the Champions League. THE 2013-14 SEASON!

2013: Miami Heat

Look, I'm not saying that Drake broke up the Heatles. But I'm also not not saying it. After the Heat won their second straight NBA Finals in 2013, Drake wanted to go into the team's locker room but he was turned away. Drake later said it was a "highlight" of his night and he's usually allowed in. He and LeBron James go way back -- but Drake was trying to joke around when he was turned away, the rapper claims. The moment was reminiscent of Kevin Hart trying to get on the podium after the Eagles' Super Bowl win.

Joking around or not, the seed was planted. The Heat were drubbed by the Spurs the next season in the Finals and James then went back to Cleveland.

2013: Drake is named Raptors team ambassador

If you've ever listened to any Drake song, you know he's from Toronto. He takes a lot of pride in his hometown. In 2013, the Raptors, floundering after five seasons of missing the playoffs, named Drake their team ambassador. Was this a good decision? 

Let's just say that the curse works in mysterious ways.

Yes, the Raptors have made the playoffs every year since then. They've won the Atlantic division in five of those years. But they've made it out of the second round one time, in the 2015-16 postseason, where they lost to the Cavaliers in six games. 

2014: Kentucky Wildcats men's basketball

In October 2014, Drake, who was 26 at the time, was spotted warming up with the Kentucky men's basketball team. He had the full getup too. At the Big Blue Madness event, Drake was even given a chance to shoot around with Kentucky.

The Wildcats went 38-1 that season. Their one loss? In the Final Four to Wisconsi. Drake's friendship with John Calipari is a strange sports phenomenon.

2015: Serena Williams in the US Open

Williams was unstoppable this year. She won the Australian Open, French Open and Wimbledon, and made it to the US Open semifinal. If she'd only known what we know now.

Drake showed up for Williams' semifinal match against Roberta Vinci. You can guess what happened next.

Vinci stunned Williams 2-6, 6-4, 6-4 before losing to Flavia Pennetta in the final. Drake had supported Serena in the past but after this US Open he wasn't really seen in the stands supporting her. That is until Wimbledon last year... where she lost in the finals to Angelique Kerber.

2016: The Golden State Warriors

Of course Drake played a part in the Warriors blowing a 3-1 lead. He reminisced on his song "Summer Sixteen" about getting In-N-Out with Steph and Ayesha Curry and rapped about the team practicing at his house.

Golden State then went out and, as the internet reminds you every day, blew a 3-1 series lead in the NBA finals to the Cavs. Drake should have just stayed supporting LeBron.

2018: Conor McGregor

It's very on-brand for McGregor to try to laugh in the face of a curse. Before his fight against Khabib Nurmagomedev, McGregor had Drake at his UFC 229 weigh-in as... Support? Not sure what you'd call it.

McGregor lost the fight in the fourth round.

2019: Alabama football 

Last year's Alabama squad was special. Tua Tagovailoa had an outstanding year, and they went undefeated in the regular season without facing a ton of resistance along the way. Drake decided to tempt fate, posting a video of himself in an Alabama sweatshirt. Then, Alabama had the audacity to share it.

They probably shouldn't have done that. Alabama lost to Clemson, 44-16, in the national championship game.

2019: Paris Saint-Germain

Drake's latest soccer-related curse revolves around Paris Saint-Germain. Before their potential league-clinching match against Lille, Drake got a picture with PSG's Layvin Kurzawa.

Surprise! It did not go well for PSG! Lille beat PSG 5-1, marking the club's most lopsided loss since Qatari ownership took over in 2011.

2019: Toronto Maple Leafs

The Maple Leafs' rivalry with the Bruins is well-documented at this point. Toronto's last two seasons have ended at the hands of  the Bruins in Game 7s. Tuesday's loss was devastating for a team that loaded up on talent, but no amount of talent could've prevented this.

The writing was on the wall for the Leafs when Drake showed up to Game 6 in a Leafs jersey with the team up 3-2 in the series.