More than 25 years after 'The Sandlot' was released in theaters, the movie is getting a reboot...albeit on a smaller screen.

A TV series inspired by the 1993 movie is apparently in the works, and several original cast members from the film are set to reprise their roles for the television show. This is according to the film's writer and director, David Mickey Evans, who revealed the news to the baseball podcast The Rain Delay. 

The show reportedly already has a two-season order from an undisclosed streaming service, though Evans seems to suggest that it's one of the larger streaming platforms. More details from The Hollywood Reporter:

"I just sold a Sandlot television show. We're about to get an order for the first two seasons," [Evans] told host Cooperstown Kurt. Evans said he couldn't tell Kurt who was going to stream it, but "I know who's going to stream it. It doesn't take a genius to figure that out right now."

He added, "I already got all the original cast members back. It takes place in 1984, when they're all, like, 33 years old and they all have children of their own, and that's all I can tell you." Evans did not say which of the cast members would be returning; the original movie was set in the San Fernando Valley in 1962. 

It isn't entirely surprising that the original film's cast is on-board for a reunion. Many of the actors have been frequently hanging out together in recent years, especially during the film's 25th anniversary tour in 2018.

The television series is the second big 'Sandlot' project that has been announced in less than 12 months, as a prequel film was reportedly in the development stage back in August. Evans was also attached to that project as a writer.