The Dodgers went through a pretty scary moment in the top of the 10th inning on Tuesday night against the Cardinals, as Yasiel Puig caught a Yadier Molina fly ball deep in the right-center gap. During the catch, Puig and center fielder Joc Pederson collided, and it was a pretty nasty run-in. 

Puig would take a big-time shot to the ribs while Pederson took Puig's elbow to the head and then his head hit the wall pretty hard. Pederson would get up with blood on his forehead and leave the game. 

Remarkably, Puig would stay in the game. 

The Dodgers have announced that Pederson has a neck strain so far. Surely he'll be in concussion protocol and it wouldn't be surprising to see a disabled list stint. Surely we'll know more come Wednesday.