The 2018 World Series ended on Sunday night, with the Boston Red Sox knocking off the Los Angeles Dodgers in five games. Baseball never sleeps, however, and free agency is just a few days away from officially beginning. As such, oddsmakers were quick to put out their figures on which teams are the likeliest to sign the winter's top free agents, like Bryce Harper and Manny Machado. Their answer, apparently, is the same team: the Philadelphia Phillies.

Take a look at Bovada's odds:

Everyone's mileage may vary on these kinds of things. But even as a thought experiment, the Phillies do seem primed to go hog wild after their disappointing finish to the season. Signing Harper and Machado would give them two middle-of-the-order sticks who happen to be younger than the standard free agent. Those deals would enable them to trade Maikel Franco and an outfielder for help elsewhere. Will it happen? Hey, who knows. It is fun to think about though.

Harper's agent, Scot Boras (who used to also be Machado's agent), did say last week that the star outfielder has a deal in place already and knows who he'll be suiting up for in 2019. Though it's unclear how serious Boras was when he made the comment.

Fellow high-profile free agents Clayton Kershaw and Craig Kimbrel, meanwhile, are expected to return to their current teams: The Dodgers and Red Sox. Here are the Bovada odds on the two pitchers:

Tune in tomorrow when we break down the favorites to land Dixon Machado.