New York Yankees fans rejoice, pitcher Gerrit Cole is officially spending nine years in pinstripes, and making quite the nice sum of cash while he does it. On Wednesday, the team held his introductory press conference and officially announced the signing of the RHP to his record-breaking $324 million contract. 

Cole was raised in California and comes to New York from the Astros, but says growing up he was a Yankees fan. He has evidence of his fandom and showed it off at the press conference.

The now iconic photo of Cole as a kid at the 2001World Series holding up a sign that reads, "Yankee fan today, tomorrow, forever," now has much more meaning than just a nice throwback picture. The sign serves as a look into his future and in a full-circle moment, as Cole held it up once again at the press conference, saying he kept it all these years and his parents brought it to him when the news broke that he would be a Yankee.

The sign is now over 18 years old.

This guy somehow called it all days ago.

As you have to expect in 2019, some people made a few, umm, alterations to the sign.

You had to know this was coming, along with many, "Surprised the Astros didn't steal this sign" jokes.

Everyone deserves to love something as much as New York Mets fans love Jacob deGrom.

So, a young Yankees fan attended the World Series in 2001, had a photo taken of him holding up a sign that he then kept for almost two decades and somehow not only made it to the MLB, but signed with the Yankees He then brought said sign to his introductory press conference. Sure, that's impressive, but we want this kid to get a deal.

Someone see what this fan is up to now.

Any introductory press conference for a star player is highly anticipated, but Yankee introductions have the added element of a makeover, with players shaving their facial hair when they become a member of the team.

A clean cut look is a Yankees tradition, but many wondered what Cole would look like when he actually did.

First: Sign a ridiculous contract with the Yankees

Second: Make an appointment at the barber

It was tough to see the beard go, but it had to be done.

"Walk in with a beard, do it, you won't."

There's that sign again.

Are we sure this guy is an athlete and not someone on Wall Street?