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Major League Baseball's 2021-22 offseason has been one of the most unusual in the sport's history. We saw a free agency surge in late November, ahead of MLB's owner-imposed lockout. After 99 days, the lockout ended March 10, and free agency resumed. Spring training is underway, and Opening Day is set for April 7. 

Post-lockout deals picked up in recent days as Opening Day approaches. Trevor Story (Red Sox), Carlos Correa (Twins), Freddie Freeman (Dodgers), Kris Bryant (Rockies), Kyle Schwarber (Phillies), Anthony Rizzo (Yankees) and Seiya Suzuki (Cubs) were among the notable players to ink contracts in the last week. 

Max Scherzer, Corey Seager, Robbie Ray, Javier Báez, Marcus Semien and Marcus Stroman are among the free agents who found new homes before the lockout. Teams were not able to sign free agents to the 40-man roster during the lockout.

With free agency underway again, we'll be using this space to keep tabs on our top 50 free agents throughout the spring. As we noted when those rankings were published, "the order is based on a combination of expected impact and annual average value." You can click here to find those rankings in their original form, complete with analysis of player.

Below you'll find our tracker, complete with the player, their rank, their last team, and their new team. We'll keep this updated throughout the offseason.

2021-22 MLB free agent tracker
RankPlayerPOSLast TeamNew TeamStatus
1 SS Signed three-year deal with two opt outs
2 SS Signed 10-year deal
3 3B/OF Signed seven-year deal
4 2B/SS Signed seven-year deal
5 1B Signed six-year deal
6 LHP Signed five-year deal
7 RHP Signed three-year deal
8 RHP Signed five-year deal
9 RHP Signed three-year deal
10 OF Signed four-year deal
11 SS Signed six-year deal
12 UTL Signed four-year deal
13 INF Signed six-year deal
14 OF Signed five-year deal
15Seiya SuzukiOFHiroshima Toyo Carp (NPB) Signed five-year deal
16 LHP Signed one-year deal
17 RHP Signed one-year deal
18 RHP Signed one-year deal
19 LHP Signed five-year deal
20 RHP Signed one-year deal
21 RHP Signed four-year deal
22 1B Signed two-year deal
23 OF
24 RHP Signed four-year deal
25 1B Accepted qualifying offer
26 OF/1B/DH Signed four-year  deal
27 DH Signed one-year deal
28 UTL Signed two-year deal
29 RHP Signed one-year deal
30 LHP Signed four-year deal
31 LHP Signed two-year deal
32 RHP Signed one-year deal
33 RHP Signed one-year deal
34 RHP Signed one-year deal
35 RHP Signed two-year deal
36 LHP Signed one-year deal
37 LHP Signed two-year deal
38 3B
39 OF Signed three-year deal
40 OF Signed two-year deal
41 LHP Signed two-year deal
42 RHP Signed three-year deal
43 LHP Signed three-year deal
44 OF Signed four-year deal
45 3B Signed two-year deal
46 OF Signed one-year deal
47 UTL Signed three-year deal
48 RHP Signed two-year deal
49 OF Signed one-year deal
50 RHP Signed three-year deal