As we move forward through this incredibly cold "Hot Stove" and most of the big-name, non-reliever free agents still sit unsigned through mid-January, news of any sort is greeted with open arms. Bring it on, Buster Olney of 

The Red Sox and free agent slugger J.D. Martinez have long been connected and it makes a great deal of sense for both sides. Five years and $100 million, though, seems light. In fact, it's half of the reported $200 million deal Scott Boras has reportedly been seeking for his client

Martinez heads to his age-30 season after hitting .303/.376/.690 (166 OPS+) with 26 doubles, 45 home runs, 104 RBI and 85 runs. He has been one of baseball's best power hitters since breaking out in 2014 for the Tigers and he hit 29 homers in just 62 games after being traded to the Diamondbacks last year. 

The fit with the Red Sox is obvious. They were good but power-starved last season -- ranking 27th in home runs and 26th in slugging percentage -- and right now look to have Mitch Moreland at first and Hanley Ramirez at designated hitter. Those two would likely occupy the 4-5 spots in the batting order, too. 

Additionally, Martinez's power would thrive in Fenway Park. 

To reiterate, it's a good and obvious fit. It'll just probably require the Red Sox to up their offer. If this really is the best offer Martinez has, the cries of soft collusion will amplify and it's entirely possible Martinez is the player reportedly threatening to sit out the season