As we chronicled earlier, the Baltimore Orioles and Boston Red Sox do not like each other. The animosity runs so deep between the sides that commissioner Rob Manfred held a pregame conference call with the teams' management. Even so, no pregame warnings were issued, which seemed to leave the door open for Baltimore to retaliate following Chris Sale's aggressiveness on Tuesday night toward Manny Machado.

Yet almost no one believed Orioles starter Kevin Gausman intentionally hit Xander Bogaerts with a breaking ball early in Wednesday's game -- "almost" no one, because home-plate umpire Sam Holbrook proved to be an exception by ejecting Gausman. 

Twitter, as it is wont to do, reacted. Here are some highlights:

Baseball scribes can be cynical lads. If they collectively think Gausman wasn't aiming for Bogaerts -- and they seem to think that -- then he probably wasn't aiming for Bogaerts.