Between bringing back free agents Justin Turner, Kenley Jansen and Rich Hill along with trading for second baseman Logan Forsythe, the Dodgers have been active this offseason. Still, they could stand to add some setup help in front of Jansen.

And they are looking at adding one via free agency, such as Sergio Romo or bringing back Joe Blanton, reports Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports.

Romo, 33, has pitched his entire nine-year career with the Giants, but we've seen players go between each team several times before (Jeff Kent and Brian Wilson come to mind). Last season, Romo had a 2.64 ERA and 1.08 WHIP in 30 2/3 innings. Injury shortened the season, but the slider specialist has generally always been effective. He has had one down year (2014) and a few great-to-exceptional seasons.

Re-signing Blanton would also make sense for the Dodgers. Aside from Jansen, obviously, Blanton was the Dodgers' best reliever last season. In 80 innings, Blanton pitched to a 2.48 ERA, 1.01 WHIP and 80 strikeouts. He was outstanding in the NLDS win over the Nationals, too, but then ran out of gas in the NLCS against the Cubs. Still, that shouldn't take away from his huge season. If anything, he was overused.

We of course also have the open-to-interpretation "other relievers" on the table. I outlined the remaining relief pitching options two days ago (Boone Logan has since signed with the Indians).